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If I have two cars how many devices do I need?

Each device and subscription covers one car, so you should buy two devices.

Could Autobrain help me if my car is stolen?

Yes. The Autobrain device fits in a plug right under your steering wheel and is very discreet, so you can use car finder to track the thief that stole your car. (Please post any awesome story of nabbing a car thief to our Facebook page).

Where can I buy an Autobrain device?

You can buy it online or pick it up at any Walmart location today.

If I buy Autobrain and I don't love it, what should I do?

Autobrain users love Autobrain and you can click here to read real reviews. If you don't love Autobrain, we will be sad to see you go but you can return it and get a refund.

Is Autobrain easy to set up?

Definitely. It should not take more than 5-15 minutes to do by yourself. Plus, if you had any questions, our amazing customer service team would help you.

Why should I trust Autobrain with keeping my family safe while they are on the road?

Autobrain is trusted by the best and biggest driving schools in the country, like Top Driver and All Star Driver Education. We have also won the prestigious National Parenting Product Award. So if they trust us, you should to.

Could Autobrain save my life or my family members' lives?

Yes. After a car accident, a person can be unconscious or unable to call for help and will wait helplessly until a passerby calls 911. The emergency dispatcher is also often given the wrong location. This can result in a slower emergency response time and lives lost. (Autobrain's head of product was a first responder.) With Autobrain, when the device detects a car accident our emergency response team is immediately notified and given the exact location of the car crash. This can save the lives of you and your family. Interesting fact: Car accidents are the #1 cause of teen deaths in America and kill more people (35,000 per year) than break-ins and home fires (>4,000 per year).

What happens if Autobrain is unplugged?

If an Autobrain device is accidently unplugged, it will send you a message asking for you to plug it back in.

Who are the people behind Autobrain?

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